Who we are

Critical Vector is a Real-Time Data Integrator specializing in Industrial Information Technology for the process automation industry. We enable clients to use their data by providing connectivity, storage, monitoring, and modeling using best in class software, applications and/or devices. Our business serves clients in several automation industries, such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pipeline, Discrete Manufacturing, and Energy.

Critical Vector consultants are experienced in Informational Technology and Operational Technology with a focus on Real-Time Data Integration. They work with clients to understand their business processes and ensure value by driving data from automation systems. Coupling data to an actual business and operational requirements delivers unprecedented insight.

Why are we interested in IoT? We are looking to the future, and for industrial companies, IoT is a cornerstone of the transformation that is happening. Which is, Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial revolution. The revolution is a cyber-physical representation of the world or our clients’ process systems. The digitalization of sensors, controllers, and devices is spearheading the revolution since IoT plays a major role in enabling data acquisition and smart devices. Critical Vector along with its partners are invested in this with technology such as inmation and OPC to deliver clients’ IoT strategies.


Critical Vector offers world class solutions for the Automation industry. Our strength is based on pairing business requirements and real time data integration to deliver customer value. We offer complete turn key projects for green field or brown field expansions. Or if you need smaller assistance with a business problem, our consultants will work with you to understand the correct solutions for you.

Critical Vector provides the following solutions for the Automation industry:



Critical Vector is proud to redistribute software from inmation GMBH.

Critical Vector is also a proud member of Honeywell’s Industrial Solutions Provider network.  We redistribute Honeywell’s Matrikon OPC products combined with our industry leading Real Time Data Integration services.


Inmation – enterprise:inmation has been developed based on the real-time/near-time industrial system-integration experience of two decades. As the hunger for data grows by the day and seamless integration between the control, MES and corporate IT is strongly required, inmation responds with a middleware architecture which was designed with unlimited scalability in mind. Read More


Matrikon OPC Data Management

Honeywell – Matrikon OPC is the industry standard for OPC Clients and Servers. Matrikon OPC provides quick, reliable and cost effective data integration options for the automation industry. The products range from device specific to data management solutions. Read More


Critical Vector offers Real Time Data Integration services to enable business to access their data any where in the world. We use industry standard protocols and process to deliver this value. We can provide Turn Key services or specific services to meet your business needs. Our services do complement the products we offer, but we also take pride in being able to provide vendor neutral services.


OPC Certification Training

Critical Vector can train your staff in OPC to help your company compete in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrial4.0 (I4.0) era. The courses prepare your staff to install and troubleshoot OPC based architectures. Your staff will also earn professional development hours and their OPCSI certification, the largest and most recognized certification program in the industry.

Contact Critical Vector today to discuss on-site and off-site OPC training. Train and maximize your greatest resource—your employees.


Critical Vector provides comprehensive inmation services. We are a partner that can integrate and enable your business with data and analytics.  Please see our service offerings below:

  • Turn-key installation
  • Interface configuration
  • KPI configuration
  • I/O & Equipment modeling
  • LUA scripting
  • Upgrades


Critical Vector provides comprehensive OSIsoft PI Historian project services.

  • Turn-key installation
  • ProcessBook & CoreSight (PI Vision) graphics building
  • Interface configuration
  • Asset Framework modeling
  • Historian management
  • Upgrades

Critical Vector provides an OSIsoft PI Historian Health Audit.  Our audits target common problems with PI setups or degradation over time.  One of our experts can visit your site or conduct the audit remotely with the appropriate access.  The benefits of Health Audits is to confirm your PI system is working optimally, extend the life of the system and identify items that impact the storage of your data.  The audit covers the following items but not limited to:

  • PI Archive setup and health
  • Check for common Exception & Compression issues
  • PI Security check – review of trusts, identities & aliases
  • System Health: drive capacity & CPU performance
  • Tag health – stale tags or out of order

You go to the doctor regularly for a checkup. But when is the last time you checked the health of your OSISoft PI Historian ™?

Data generated by your sites’ automation systems is vital for Optimization and Maintenance. To enable these activities, the data must be historized. But when the data is lost, corrupted or unreliable your business is not able to extract the value. The culprit is usually a poorly performing or misconfigured historian. Hence it is important that your historian is also being Optimized and Maintained!

Critical Vector is offering Health Check Reports for OSIsoft PI (TM) to address this concern. PI is one of the leading market historians, but all installs can deteriorate if they are not maintained.

Our industry experts can check your system for several items:

  • server and node health,
  • data storage and quality,
  • security threats,
  • version life cycle,
  • and several other areas of concern.
Your report will include a summary of the Health Check. Management will be able to easily see issues, and IT will have details of the items found.



Critical Vector provides comprehensive OPC services. Our services include design and installation for new OPC interfaces, as well as upgrades to existing OPC interfaces. Our services cover OPC DA, HDA and A&E client & servers.

Critical Vector is an industry leading OPC Unified Architecture (UA) integrator. Contact us to discuss this new standard!

Application & Integration

Critical Vector can provide services to design, code and implement custom applications and software integration. This service includes early conceptual (POCs, PILOTS) through to production deployment phases.

Alarm Management

Critical Vector provides Alarm System Performance Monitoring Deployment & Integration services for third party applications. In addition, Critical Vector also provides Alarm Audit services based on ISA 18.02 and EEMUA 191 standards and guidelines.

Project Management

Critical Vector also specializes in Project Management for Industrial Information Technology application and Integration projects.