Announcing the Release of Matrikon® FLEX Dispatch™


The release of Matrikon® FLEX Dispatch™ provides the functionality and scalability needed to sustainably deliver enterprise wide shop-floor data visibility. For engineers and system integrators, Matrikon Dispatch provides several solutions:

  • Integrate and manage disparate third party data sources in an open and secure way.
  • Scale and update the infrastructure as new and existing third party data sources get added, mixed, and retired over time.
  • Facilitate OT data visibility to higher network layers throughout the company and to the cloud in an IT compliant manner.
  • Establish connectivity between third party systems.
  • Enrich data from simple sources by adding context to it via attributes.
  • Enable OPC UA data connectivity between domains behind firewalls.
  • Secure data sources that do not have sufficient security.
  • Make infrastructure more simple and reliable.

Operations and maintenance groups will get help in several areas:

  • Access and work with more meaningful shop floor data than ever.
  • Improve security by eliminating traditional IT/OT security gaps.
  • Gain better insights from new data analytics tools based on more meaningful data (enriched context).
  • Minimize training requirements for working with data connectivity.
  • Maximize system reliability by simplifying architectures.
  • Minimize data acquisition related challenges (distractions).

Beyond traditional engineering level applications capabilities, Matrikon Dispatch incorporates key Matrikon data technology that securely unlocks access to shop floor and field data anywhere in the enterprise using an open standard (OPC UA).

Key benefits Matrikon Dispatch helps businesses realize include:

  • Capital Expense minimization by extending the usable data life of existing assets that often do not implement the latest open data connectivity standards
  • Enables rapid Proof of Concept (PoC) project execution which directly helps companies test new business ideas
  • Reduces overall company data security risks
  • Minimizes training requirement during adoption phase when used by new and existing employees alike helping drive savings and internal adoption
  • Delivers more context rich data to those people and systems that need it to better interpret and act on the latest data.

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Critical Vector is proud to redistribute software from inmation GMBH.

Critical Vector is also a proud member of Honeywell’s Industrial Solutions Provider network.  We redistribute Honeywell’s Matrikon OPC products combined with our industry leading Real Time Data Integration services.

inmation: integration unlimited


Inmation – enterprise:inmation has been developed based on the real-time/near-time industrial system-integration experience of two decades. As the hunger for data grows by the day and seamless integration between the control, MES and corporate IT is strongly required, inmation responds with a middleware architecture which was designed with unlimited scalability in mind. Read More


Matrikon OPC Data Management

Honeywell – Matrikon OPC is the industry standard for OPC Clients and Servers. Matrikon OPC provides quick, reliable and cost effective data integration options for the automation industry. The products range from device specific to data management solutions. Read More


Critical Vector offers Real Time Data Integration services to enable business to access their data any where in the world. We use industry standard protocols and process to deliver this value. We can provide turnkey services or specific services to meet your business needs. Our services do complement the products we offer, but we also take pride in being able to provide vendor neutral services.

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