Critical Vector and Eigen Software Team Up to Provide Solutions for the North American Market

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KATY, Texas – July 27, 2021 – Critical Vector and Eigen Software are proud to announce their services and reseller agreement for North America. Critical Vector will be offering services and software on behalf of Eigen in the North American market with a specific focus on the Gulf Coast region. Critical Vector is headquartered in the greater Houston, Texas, area with easy access to the Gulf Coast and exceptional access to the rest of the USA due to its central location.

Eigen’s products and services empower organizations to work efficiently and operate safely within their environments, while bringing data to the very people who need it, at the right time, to make effective decisions, transforming the way businesses operate. Eigen’s DecisionBridge Technology helps you move faster from a decision to an action. Ingenuity 6.0 is the latest generation of online platform for doing work in industrial operations. Eigen’s Safety Barrier Health Monitoring empowers users to perform effective Barrier Management, by capturing all the information necessary to assess the status of all barriers and deliver real time monitoring of barrier health and the overall risk posture. With Digital Reporting from Eigen, you can take care of the face-to-face updates, while Digital Reporting takes care of the wider announcements. Access your personal set of dashboards, reports and alerts wherever you are with Eigen’s Mobile Monitor. Screen Presenter converts your existing reports into an online slideshow available on your intranet and includes information from multiple sources. Keep your existing workflow but avoid the need to email files to the whole company​.

Jared Goretzky, Chief Executive Officer, Critical Vector, said: “Eigen is a world class leader in European and Asian markets, and our intent is to foster the same success here in North America by delivering Eigen’s exceptional solutions and services to our clientele.”

Joel Chacon, Eigen’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Eigen’s technology is being used by the most demanding European independent oil and gas operators. Critical Vector is well placed to present Eigen’s technology to the North American market and help Gulf Coast operators derive efficiency gains from the digitalization of their operations. Both Eigen and Critical Vector come from a long tradition of innovation and deep-seated experience in the digitalization of upstream, mid-stream and downstream operations.”

About Critical Vector

Critical Vector LLC provides Operational Technology services and reselling for the Automation Industry. The company specializes in OPC and OPC UA communication protocols and provides desktop & mobile device data visualization, historian data storage, online data analysis, integration of operational systems and cloud-based connectivity. Clients include Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pipeline, Discrete Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical companies.

About Eigen 

Eigen was formed fourteen years ago by a group of Oil & Gas specialists who believed they could help operators deliver more impact by joining together: a whole delivering more than the sum of its individual specialist parts. Since then, we’ve delivered on our promise to create new value for our clients by deploying our O&G know-how and digital innovation on some of the industry’s demanding operational challenges.


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