Enterprise Inmation

Computer Monitor, Tablet and Mobile Phone Your new, control vendor-independent connectivity and information management system for any industries’ needs.

enterprise:inmation has been developed based on the real-time/near-time industrial system-integration experience of two decades. As the hunger for data grows by the day and seamless integration between the control, MES and corporate IT is strongly required, inmation responds with a middleware architecture which was designed with unlimited scalability in mind.

One System

All Data Infrastructure Functions Integrated

Control/OT interfaces, tunneling, security, redundancy, proxy, buffer, historian….

The end of the “tool” era in real-time system integration.

Complete Central Management

Built for central configuration, licensing and monitoring, system:inmation supplies a single point of system maintenance.

Configure and maintain your system of any scale from just one place. Save engineering time by magnitudes.

360° Operations Support

Fast Data, IoT, Industrie 4.0. We call it Operations Support. Satisfy all your integration and data publishing needs from sensor to board room, from device to smartphone.

Any data, any volume, any geographic spread of your operations. Here is your real-time cloud!

Deep Built-in Diagnostics

Rich set of performance, state and availability indicators. Visuals at the click of the mouse.

No more remote logins, no more tedious search.


All Major Interfaces Supported

Classic OPC (DA/HDA/A&E), XML-DA, OPC UA, OleDB, structured text. Client and server.

Integrate all your production systems easily and purely standards-based.

Consolidated Address Spaces, Securely Exposed

One unified address space with the ability to re-organize, extend and secure. External I/Os and calculated data available for any IT application using various interfaces.

Easy control of the real-time data cloud. Let users, systems and external partners access exactly the subset of information required.

Time Series, Yes, But Not Only

Built to handle all kinds of operational data. Measurements, states, aggregates, alarms & events and more managed by just one infrastructure. Powered by NoSQL storage.

Still using multiple systems for managing different information types? Use a unified data store for correlated analysis and better insight.

Vertical Integration, Horizontal Scale

From client interfaces to storage to enterprise IT integration: All services scale horizontally.

Keep your uniform system up with corporate requirements without the need of expensive hardware.

Flexible Deployment Options

Micro-deployment (single host), global rollout or cascaded systems: system:inmation is at your disposal.

One software fits all. Do not compromise on your requirements but take benefit from the flexibility.

The Commercial Scale

Licensing is based on logical CPUs provided by the server hardware. Choose between yearly subscriptions and license purchase.

Don’t get stuck in license discussions per tag, connection or user. We offer a scaled server license model which lets you plan your system based on the technical requirements only. Works for small, can grow to the infinite.

enterprise inmation Critical Vector is here to enable your business with enterprise:inmation. Contact us today for more information and pricing for inmation products. Reach sales at: sales@criticalvector.tech
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