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Eigen’s Blowdown Event Solution

A plant blowdown is a safety critical operation that makes sure the facility pressures are reduced to safe levels in an emergency or when the plant is shut down*. Blowdowns are fast events that rely on a hundred or more valves opening and closing at the right time. A facility is divided into different “blowdown segments” and checking that everything worked correctly for each of these segments can take an engineer a week or more. Yet most of this time is spent gathering the right information and visualizing it for each segment. Using a Knowledge Graph combined with Event Detection and a simple Python script, all part of the Eigen Analytics Platform, Eigen was able to automate this process to let Lundin’s engineers spend more time on adding value.
Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 = Digital Twin + Visualization + Search + Wiki

Ingenuity 6.0 is the latest generation of online platform for doing work in industrial operations.

Imagine if you could combine a Digital Twin of your information with search functionality like Google, powerful visualization tools like PI Vision and Power BI and the ease of doing analysis in Excel.

That’s Eigen Ingenuity.


Built by engineers, for Engineers, Eigen Ingenuity is a next generation platform for digitalization of industrial operations that makes your existing information available instantly and lets you build new capabilities.

It allows you to go step by step to connect, relate, contextualize and work with information in your existing systems. Eigen Ingenuity is an add-on layer on top of existing systems that allows you to modernize your operations without replacing your investment in existing systems.

It combines the documenting features of Word, PowerPoint and Excel with powerful real time analysis tools from the likes of Pi VisionCoresight or Aspen Process Explorer with the dashboarding of Power BI.

Our online platform makes information searchable.

Gone are the days of stranded knowledge on distant hard drives – the new way of working is online.

What can Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 do for you?
  • Eigen Ingenuity will improve the efficiency of your best people and make work more enjoyable.
  • Eigen Ingenuity is instantly usable as it is deployed using fully cloud native technologies.
  • Eigen Ingenuity allows you to digitalize gradually, in a step-by-step way, making sure you bring everyone with you. To start with you can just use it for dashboards, or trending, or documentation, and then over time use it to transition legacy, manual work processes over to modern, digital workflows.
  • Eigen Ingenuity connects to your existing data to make a single place to find, analyze and record information to enable your organization to make the best use possible of your existing data and continue learning.
  • Eigen Ingenuity gives you instant access to your information – eliminate the wasted time looking for information across different systems and get working straight away.
  • Eigen Ingenuity enables you to replace spreadsheets and automate workflows, it lets you convert specialist spreadsheets into online tools that can be used by everyone.
Go digital without disrupting day-to-day operations.

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