Matrikon® FLEX Dispatch™ — NEW!


Matrikon® FLEX Dispatch™ software brings together the functionality and scalability needed to sustainably deliver enterprise wide shop-floor data visibility. Using Matrikon Dispatch enables you to setup and manage open, secure data access to your shop-floor and remote automation systems throughout your enterprise.

From system integration and aggregation of individual 3rd Party data sources to advanced functionality like data mapping, data modeling, and secure bi-directional OPC UA communications across firewalls, Matrikon Dispatch does it all easily because this is what it was built for from the ground up.

Equally suited for small single device shop-floor applications (using Windows or Linux) to working with thousands of data sources and millions of items, Matrikon Dispatch is an indispensable data technology tool for today’s IT/OT professionals.

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Data Technology: The Holistic Data Connectivity Advantage

Matrikon Dispatch defines a new category of software called Data Technology (DT) that holistically addresses the ever-growing complexity of facilitating and managing data connectivity among OT centric shop-floor and field systems, business, and cloud applications while complying with IT best practices. Built from the ground up to address the complete enterprise data connectivity challenge, Matrikon Dispatch tackles the underlying complexity under the hood making it easy for you to focus on using the data you need to achieve your goals instead of struggling with the data infrastructure.

Traditional Challenges: Traditional IT/OT “spot” solutions addressed a limited number of shop-floor data connectivity challenges which, had to be combined into ever more complex and fragile infrastructures to get the data to those who needed it. These solutions were complicated, costly, and difficult to maintain on the shop floor and even more so for enterprise wide data sharing.

Matrikon Dispatch Difference: Matrikon Dispatch sets a new standard for open shop-floor and field data connectivity across the enterprise by addressing the complete challenge from the ground-up. As such, Matrikon Dispatch is a powerful, open data interoperability platform built for:

  • Security & Reliability
  • Scalability (Capacity and Performance)
  • Extendibility
  • Ease of use & maintenance
  • And much more.

Key Matrikon Dispatch Features include:

  • FireBridge technology for bi-directional OPC UA data connectivity across firewalls
  • Data mapping and aggregation
  • Information modeling
  • Granular security
  • Common user interface for maximum ease of use
  • and much more

Matrikon Dispatch has something for everyone: What Does it do for you? Depending on your role, Matrikon Dispatch provides you with benefits relevant to your role. Check out some of these role-specific benefits below:

Engineers & System Integrators
Tasked with designing, implementing, and commissioning production and manufacturing processes that operate safely, to-spec, with maximum efficiency and economy—engineers and SIs need to integrate and manage 3rd Party shop floor data sources while increasingly interacting with their IT counterparts to ensure the systems remain secure. Matrikon Dispatch provides a complete engineering level data solution for:

  • Integrating and managing disparate 3rd party data sources in an open and secure way
  • Scaling and updating the infrastructure as new and existing 3rd party data sources get added, mixed, and retired over time
  • Facilitating OT data visibility to higher network layers throughout the company and to the cloud in an IT compliant manner

Developed to operate in control automation environments, Matrikon Dispatch is built to work with shop-floor infrastructure.

Incorporating 20 years of industrial system integration experience, Matrikon Dispatch helps you tackle a wide range of new and traditional shop-floor challenges like:

  • establishing connectivity between 3rd party systems
  • enriching data from simple sources by adding context to it via attributes
  • enabling OPC UA data connectivity between domains behind firewalls
  • securing data sources that do not have sufficient security
  • making infrastructure more simple and reliable
  • and much more

Operations & Maintenance

Maximizing production and minimizing unscheduled down-times while keeping facilities running as close to their operating envelopes as possible is a core tenant of Operations and Maintenance work. Matrikon Dispatch directly helps operations and maintenance groups achieve more by enabling them to:

  • access and work with more meaningful shop floor data than ever
  • improve security by eliminating traditional IT/OT security gaps
  • gain better insights from new data analytics tools based on more meaningful data (enriched context)
  • minimize training requirements for working with data connectivity
  • maximize system reliability by simplifying architectures
  • minimize data acquisition related challenges (distractions)
  • and much more

With competitive pressures brought on by globalization, a large looming retirement wave, and a new era of doing business at the speed of digital in the Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) era: operations and maintenance groups must do more with smaller budgets and shrinking work forces. Matrikon Dispatch lays down a sustainable data foundation which enables these groups to use new and existing technologies to their advantage.

Rapid advances in underlying shop floor data connectivity based on the IIoT paradigm, are rapidly translating into changes in how companies compete. From creating new revenue streams and greatly improved service and product customizations for customers to overall business responsiveness to fluctuating market conditions—companies need to run at the speed of digital. To achieve this, they need enterprise wide visibility on key information locked away on their shop floors. Adopting Matrikon Dispatch makes access to such information possible, sustainable, scalable, and IT compliant.

Beyond traditional engineering level applications capabilities, Matrikon Dispatch incorporates key Matrikon data technology that securely unlocks access to shop floor and field data anywhere in the enterprise using an open standard (OPC UA).

Key benefits Matrikon Dispatch helps businesses realize include:

  • Capital Expense minimization by extending the usable data life of existing assets that often do not implement the latest open data connectivity standards
  • Enables rapid Proof of Concept (PoC) project execution which directly helps companies test new business ideas
  • Reduces overall company data security risks
  • Minimizes training requirement during adoption phase when used by new and existing employees alike helping drive savings and internal adoption
  • Delivers more context rich data to those people and systems that need it to better interpret and act on the latest data.

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