MatrikonOPC Funnel


MatrikonOPC Funnel provides a single gateway to all your process data. Now your applications only have to make one simple connection to access all of your plant data.

Use OPC Funnel to make all the OPC Client connections you need to any number of OPC Servers – regardless of what vendors your OPC Servers are from, what versions of the OPC Specification each implements, or how many connections each OPC Server supports. OPC Funnel maximizes the value of your OPC Servers by enabling all your OPC Clients to access all the data they need – simultaneously.

OPC Funnel provides a single gateway that enables OPC clients to easily connect to multiple OPC Servers. This is ideal in situations where a client, such as a process historian, can only make a single connection to a data source due to licensing restrictions, or perhaps where a poorly programmed OPC client is only able to make one connection to a single OPC server.

Features include:

  • Supports aliases: rename tags with useful descriptions to make it easier to configure clients
  • Perform simple calculations for a specific point
  • Single gateway to all your OPC data which reduces the connection cost to a historian
  • Address consolidation
  • Connect to non-compliant OPC servers and provide OPC Clients with OPC-compliant data
  • Offline Mode: developed to aid system-integration; this functionality simplifies OPC Server configuration by allowing OPC Clients to access data from all configured OPC items even when the underlying data-source is not available. For example: during plant commissioning; instead of delaying HMI graphic screen testing until the end of the project, when all the OPC Servers’ data-sources are available – such tests can now be run at any time using the
    Offline Mode random test data.

Funnel HDA Engine*:
With Funnel’s HDA Engine customers now have the option to consolidate all HDA OPC Servers into a single instance. This also enables customers to optimize HDA data throughput and Browsing for low performance HDA OPC Servers.

Other features supported are:

  1. HDA operations supported (Read Raw, Read Processed, Insert, and Insert and Replace).
  2. Provides OPC DA data from HDA OPC Servers.
  3. Ability to process raw data from the OPC Server and provide the data as processed data.
  4. Ability to perform multiple requests to fulfill a single large request from the OPC Client, to throttle requests to low performance HDA OPC Servers.
  5. Ability to throttle based on maximum number of items and maximum values per request.
  6. Reconnect and retry mechanism to seamlessly handle request failures.
  7. Exposes Item’s HDA attributes for further analysis.

*This engine is optional.