OSI PI Historian

Critical Vector provides comprehensive OSIsoft PI Historian project services.

  • Turn-key installation
  • ProcessBook & CoreSight (PI Vision) graphics building
  • Interface configuration
  • Asset Framework modeling
  • Historian management
  • Upgrades

Critical Vector provides an OSIsoft PI Historian Health Audit.  Our audits target common problems with PI setups or degradation over time.  One of our experts can visit your site or conduct the audit remotely with the appropriate access.  The benefits of Health Audits is to confirm your PI system is working optimally, extend the life of the system and identify items that impact the storage of your data.  The audit covers the following items but not limited to:

  • PI Archive setup and health
  • Check for common Exception & Compression issues
  • PI Security check – review of trusts, identities & aliases
  • System Health: drive capacity & CPU performance
  • Tag health – stale tags or out of order

You go to the doctor regularly for a checkup. But when is the last time you checked the health of your OSISoft PI Historian ™?

Data generated by your sites’ automation systems is vital for Optimization and Maintenance. To enable these activities, the data must be historized. But when the data is lost, corrupted or unreliable your business is not able to extract the value. The culprit is usually a poorly performing or misconfigured historian. Hence it is important that your historian is also being Optimized and Maintained!

Critical Vector is offering Health Check Reports for OSIsoft PI (TM) to address this concern. PI is one of the leading market historians, but all installs can deteriorate if they are not maintained.

Our industry experts can check your system for several items:
  • server and node health,
  • data storage and quality,
  • security threats,
  • version life cycle,
  • and several other areas of concern.

Your report will include a summary of the Health Check. Management will be able to easily see issues, and IT will have details of the items found.