Cloud Based Data Storage

Critical Vector gives you best in class cloud data solutions. We use enterprise:inmation from Inmation, our industry leading partner. enterprise:inmation is an integration platform that provides out of the box industry standard interfaces and scalable storage capabilities. As a cloud based data storage solution, enterprise:inmation can reduce an organizations IT footprint while still providing a best in class data storage capability. Once the data is stored, it can easily service other applications such as ERP or maintenance systems, or end users.


  • reduce IT cost by eliminating physical servers and associated hardware
  • long term data retention for life of production assets
  • quickly deployable to reduce project cost


  • deployable to all Microsoft Windows based cloud providers
  • industry standard data protocols
  • DCS, SCADA, PLC or device neutral – ideal for business with various systems
  • integration with Business applications (MES, ERP, AMS, etc.)