IIoT Edge

Critical Vector IIoT Edge (CVIE) is designed to deliver computing power to remote and harsh environments in the Oil & Gas industry. The architecture is distributed and scalable to enable a business to grow and shrink their CVIE deployment to meet their operating needs. The operating environments typically have limited network or cellular connections restricting how much central computing can be done. To alleviate this, CVIE is deployable to Edge Devices running standard Microsoft Windows Server operating systems. The central components are also scalable since they are deployable to the cloud. They enable remote configuration or management of the CVIE components from a central workbench. Critical Vector can supply Edge Devices or work with any equipment provider. CVIE enables remote data gathering and optimization to improve operational efficiency while keeping overhead costs manageable.
Critical Vector IIoT Edge provides the following benefits to Operators:

  • calculations and data processing at the well head to reduce data bandwidth cost
  • early detection of issues and notifications to facilitate well optimization
  • removal of people from hazardous and harmful environments

Critical Vector IIoT Edge features:

  • configurable alarms and KPIs
  • industry standard data protocols
  • remotely managed and updated calculations, KPIs and alerts
  • DCS, SCADA, PLC or device neutral—ideal for businesses with various systems
  • integration with business applications (MES, ERP, AMS, etc.)

What about the physical IIoT Edge Device? Critical Vector can supply industry standard Edge Devices or work with your preferred equipment provider.

Critical Vector delivers IIoT Edge using enterprise:inmation—industry leading technology from our partner, Inmation.