Well Monitoring

Critical Vector Well Monitoring (CVWM) enables Oil & Gas operators to understand the current performance and capabilities of their production wells. Operators face several challenges since their wells often reside in harsh and remote environments which prevent regular physical inspection and reliable communication. The data collection implementation is designed to handle frequent communication gaps. This is achieved by using industry protocols, such as OPC, OPC UA, MQTT, or Port based standards, combined with IIoT Edge devices. CVWM stores real time data to enable well state calculations, detect anomalies, KPIs, and notifications.

Easy to view Dashboards with KPIs, Notices, Status, Geo Locations and many more visualization features.

Critical Vector Well Monitoring provides the following benefits to Operators:

  • accurate well states and KPIs to quickly identify well or process instabilities
  • early detection of issues and faster startup to optimal production to reduce deferment
  • remove people from hazardous and harmful environments

Well monitoring software may increase well performance by 1–5%. Results are highly dependent on the type of well and field being monitored.

Easily view and compare performance of assets.

Critical Vector Well Monitoring functionality:

  • remote data visualization on any HTML5 enabled device—laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • well states—producing, transient, unknown, shut in, and custom
  • real time performance comparisons against well tests
  • real time performance comparisons against operational targets
    secure data sharing with joint ventures and field partners
  • DCS, SCADA, PLC, or device neutral—ideal for business with various systems
  • integration with Business applications (MES, ERP, AMS, etc.)

Easily create and maintain your assets information with embedded data models.

Critical Vector delivers Well Monitoring using enterprise:inmation—industry leading technology from our partner, Inmation.